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President Carolyn Moeller called the meeting to order at 10:00 am at the Adams Lake Pub Patio:

There were no objections or corrections to the minutes as emailed so they will stand as received.

Treasurer Dr John Lutz passed out copies of his treasurers report. There were no objections or corrections and the report will stand as posted.

Carolyn stated a director is needed for section 84C – 84O. If you are interested in helping out our conservation club by serving as a director of this area, please contact Carolyn.

A discussion on the death of a swan and duck on the lake was held. The DNR was called but they did not come until after dark and could not locate the fowls so we do not know the cause of death. The DNR has been asked to attend our July meeting, but they have not committed to date.

Rex Pranger announced a grant has been received from LARE for the spraying of only invasive weeds, one application has already been applied. Scott Banfield will be invited to our August meeting.

Ecoli testing was done in May and we are in good shape, no ecoli found. It will be tested again in July and will be tested in different areas of the lake. Tim Moeller is in charge of the testing.

Geese Round Up was discussed and the feeling was that there were not enough geese to pay the fee that is charged for the permit. We will look at this again next spring.

Carol Sievert was thanked for the wonderful advertising for the Garage Sale which was appreciated by all. Thank you Carol, you out did yourself.

Sue Pranger will have more information on a Poker Run for 2020. Several surrounding lakes have Poker Runs for a fund raiser and it is quite popular.

Old Business: Dry Fire Hydrant for the East side of the lake was discussed. A place to set the hydrant needs to be 6 ft deep and within 10 ft of shore and the fire department would need an easement for their fire trucks. Kim Warrick is checking into this.

Ron Martin presented a written report on the possibility of stocking the lake with walleye. Walleye has been stocked in Adams Lake seven times in the last 34 years but it has been 12 years since any stocking was done. Ron

checked on the availability and cost of stocking their recommendation of 10 walleye per acre. If you like this idea, let Ron know so he can report at our July meeting.

Jim Laur, District Sewer Chairman gave a presentation on the status of our sewer system. The system was installed in 1991 and is a vacuum system with 350 customers. IDEM requires that it be inspected several times a year for renewal of our permit. A permit for renewal is set for 2021-22 and is a 5 year permit. The sewer system has 3 stations and are served by Nipsco except for Station A which is served by REMC. Jim explained how the system works and listed some items found which harm a pump. Please do not flush the following among other items, flushable wipes are not flushable, diapers, shop rags, tampons, depends to name a few. Station B had to replace a pump because of the build up of these items and a new pump cost is $15 to $20 thousand dollars, it is a major expense. The candy cane is not to be changed in any way. Some one cut a candy cane off at ground level because they thought it was ugly. If you have any questions about your sewer system, please contact Jim or a sewer board member. It is served by one part time employee. The Sewer Board has 3 members and has an opening. The position is appointed by the township trustee. If you are interested in serving, please contact Jim or a board member.

We will continue to have a Board of Directors Meeting at 9:30 before our regular Conservation Club meetings in July and August.

Liz Kruger is in charge of our book club and she has informed me that “The Code Girls by Liza Munday” is the book selected to read for July. It is a story of the American Women Code Breakers of WWII. If you are interested in the book club contact Liz at

If you are interested in playing bridge contact Dr John Lutz

Phil Shirmeyer reminds us that the Fire Works will be held at dusk on Sat, July 6. Jodi Heeter is in charge of the Floatilla (parade) and it will begin at 6:30. If you would like to help, please call Jodi.

No further business Carolyn adjourned the meeting at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Mulholland, Secretary"

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