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The meeting was called to order by President Carolyn Moeller at 10:00 am with 43 attendees.

SCOTT BANFIELD of Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. gave a report on the spraying that was done this year. Adams Lake was treated for three different invasive plants on June 6, 2018, eurasion milfoil, curly leaf pond weed and starry stonewort. He gave out a survey sheet, one per houshold, for those present to fill out and give back to him after the meeting. If you would like more information on the weed spraying you may reach Scott at 260-665-8226.

THE MINUTES of the June meeting were approved as corrected. Please change your minutes to read invasive weed spraying instead of lake poisoning. Flotilla Chairman was Jodi Heeter. THE BYLAWS adopted in 1945 reported the BOATING RULES for Adams Lake. These boating rules were added as an amendment to our existing by-laws June, 2018. Ten miles per hr before 10:00 am and after 6:00 pm.

PRESIDENT CAROLYN MOELER announced a board meeting of directors will be held twice a year at 9:30am prior to the regular meeting of May and August. Regular meetings being the 4 th Saturday in May, June, July and August at 10:00 am at the patio of the Adams Lake Pub.

A DISCUSSION ON THE GEESE ROUND-UP WAS HELD. Carolyn has asked Brian Mays to chair this event next year. He has yet to give his approval. It was stated that having an artificial swan in the area where the geese are seen, may keep the geese away as they do not like swans. TREASURSER DR JOHN LUTZ gave written copies of his financial report. Checking Account balance as of 22, June, 2018 at Farmers State Bank (includes $3285 owed to Clean Water Fund) $20,155.32. Espenses: 8,503.15 Income: 4,220.00 Balance in Checking 15,883.54 Approx bal Lawrence Memorial Fund 1,566.49 Richard Pranger Memorial Fund 1,265.22 Clean Water Fund in two CD's (4,641.80 owed to checking) 19,33472

LARE CHAIRMAN REX PRANGER announced that the Conservation Club was back on line for future grants of 80/20, we will not be paying 100% as we did this year.

LAGRANGE COUNTY LAKES COUNCIL would like a representative from our Lake to attend the meetings. It was discussed as to this worthyness. This organization was doing ecoli testing but has dropped it. We may have to pick up this testing ourselves. Chris Koop does reading of the seci test. Our most recent reading was 18ft. A bad reading is 5 and under.

JODI HEETER-Flotilla Chairman reported 17 entries and considering the first time with a date change everyone thought it was a big success. She suggested that the entries spread out so the judges have enough time to judge. A suggested staring time of 6:30 would be helpful to keep the wave runners from running in and out of our line of entries. Jodi would like some help next year in obtaining prizes. About twenty prizes are needed. A show of hands indicated we keep the same date of flotilla for 2019.

FIREWORKS: Phil Shirmeyer was present to give a report. He and Mike Randolph are already shopping for next year, buying from going out of business companies. It is estimated the retail value of the fireworks is about $10,000. Mike and Phil are able to buy wholesale. Our appreciation was extended to Mike and Phil.

NAMING YOUR COTTAGE CONTEST winner was Cottage 148, WillowWayne established in 1939 by Wilbur and Nona Bonebrake, now owned by Rosy O'Brian. Nine contestants were entered. A prize of $200 was given as 1 st prize by Needham & Heffernan Properties, LLC.

ADAMS LAKE FACE BOOK PAGE is maintained by Jeff Fox and is not intended to air your unkind comments. If you have an issue to resolve, please contact your director. Jodi Heeters son Ben Swartz has Adams Lake T-shirts for sale on face book. Our website is: SPEED SIGN Chairman Doug Sutton reported that 433 vehicles were registered one way on 4 th of July by the speed sign.

GARAGE SALE CHAIRMAN Carol Sievert agreed to chair the event next year. She was not aware that she was chairman for this year as she would have had an add in the paper. It was still well attended.

DRY FIRE HYDRANT ON E-N and S SIDE OF LAKE. There is one on the West side. Kim Warrick asked about the possibility of obtaining a dry hydrant for the east, north and south end of the lake. There was much discussion. Kim will get more information from the Johnson Township Fire Dept. A place to install one has to be within ten feet of the lake and the water must be six feet deep.

NEW RESIDENT Karen Barsch was introduced and welcomed to our lake association. Her husband Greg is in the Airforce and they have two children, 13 and 10.

CARDS at the Pub each Wednesday at 6:30. If interest in playing Bridge contact Dr John Lutz at BOOK CLUB meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Pub. Contact Liz Kruger at

NO FURTHER BUSINESS, Carolyn adjourned the meeting at 11:00. Respectfully Submitted,

Barb Mulholland, Secretary

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