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Adams Lake Minutes June 2017

Barb Mulholland was unable to attend our meeting and asked Rosy O’Brian to take the minutes for her.

The Adams Lake Conservation Club met on June 24, 2017, at The Pub on the patio. There were 22 members present. President Rex Pranger called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

Old Business:

-A big concern at our May meeting was the water level on our lake. This month it is hardly noticeable that we had water issues in May. The dam is doing its job and the water has receded. The level is down 8-9 inches from Memorial Day weekend.

-Charlie Heiny has updated his email distribution list. If you have not received announcements or know of someone who is having difficulties receiving our updates please let your director know or email Charlie Heiny directly at:

-Our treasurer, Joe Kraft, gave his financial report along with handouts. We paid $1,280 for weed spraying in May. He noted we are looking forward to having our dues collected around the lake so we can keep up to date with our future bills. (Adams Lake Conservation Club $40.00 dues are payable annually beginning Memorial Day weekend of each calendar year. Dues are used to support the general operations of ALCC ($20.00) and provide funding for future lake water quality enhancement projects ($20.00). All extra contributions are welcome! Please help your director by going to them and paying your dues this year!

Joe has paid for 9 Adams Lake carp tails in May 2017*.

Checking account balance $16,881.24 Clean Water Fund CD’s $17,495.34

Lawrence Memorial fund $3,475.43 Pranger Memorial fund $3,174.46 Total assets as of 06-24-2017 $43,713.29

*Carp harvested only out of Adams Lake may be worth your time! “Tails Only” should be turned in to Jim Lewis or Joe Kraft to collect your bounty!

-Joe Kraft reported he had received correspondence from the Lakes Council, asking us to join their group. We have had some from our Adams Lake Conservation Club attend meetings before. A motion was made by Phil Shirmeyer to pay for a membership to this group. Seconded by Dan Alter, carried.

-Adams Lake Conservation Club supports a lake-wide Garage Sale on the third Friday and Saturday of June. This years sales were a huge success! We may have had our biggest group participating with about 50 sales counted this year! Plan ahead for next year’s sale on Friday and Saturday, June 15 & 16 2018!

-Phil Shirmeyer gave us an update for the annual fireworks display that he and Mike Randolph put together. They will be putting the final connections to the fuses this week. The firework display will be at dark on Saturday, July 1st; with a rain date on Sunday, July 2nd. Donations are gratefully accepted! You may send donations to Phil Shirmeyer: paypal account at or drop it off at 6220 S – 520 E. You may also send your donations to Mike Raldolph: cottage # 99G. There have been many ‘Thank you’s’ on our Adams Lake Facebook page! We are all looking forward to celebrating America’s birthday on July 1st with a SIZZLE-POP-BOOM! Thank you to our favorite local pyrotechnics masters, Phil and Mike!

Rex Pranger spoke about the water quality we are experiencing this year. We have had Algae Bloom big-time in 2017. The conditions of temperature, new rain falls, and what Mother Nature wants to do calls for this to happen every so often. This is most likely not a pollution problem. Just a reminder: Adams Lake is not a swimming pool but a part of nature and these cycles happen.

-On Memorial Day weekend end our Radarsign that was purchased by the Adams Lake Conservation Club, was vandalized. It was covered with mud, the post was loosened, and the sign was twisted backwards. Thank you to our maintenance man, Doug Sutton, it was taken down, cleaned up and is now working. The county came out and installed a new pole. The electronic sign was back in place the following Wednesday. Then the vandals struck again! It was discovered that some one turned the speed sign again out of sight! Discussion took place about this concern. Irene Ueber asked about placing it or an additional sign on the West side of the lake’s roads. The cost would be much less for a second sign since we already have the software. Dr. Hippensteel made a motion for safety measures, seconded by Jim Burns, carried. Just a reminder: This is vandalism, not a fun prank, done to very expensive equipment. Please help us with your eyes and ears. If you know of anything about this vandalism, please advise your director, Rex Pranger or call the county Sherriff’s office at 463-7491 (this would not be a 911 call).

-There was a Goose Round-Up project update. Our goose numbers range in the 20’s this year, much better than the 80+ we’ve had in years past. There is a small period of time when geese molt, making them unable to fly. This is when we are able to round up geese safely. Brian May and Charlie Heiny have contacted a company in South Bend and have scheduled our Goose Round-up for Tuesday, June 27th. Any one interested in helping will be appreciated! Volunteers to help herd geese, either on water or on land may contact Charlie Heiny. Many hands make light work. Thank you Brian May and Charlie Heiny for your efforts in this task.

New Business:

-Rosy O’Brian brought up the concern of our Golf Cart traffic getting out of hand with many others agreeing. If you are in a golf cart on the road, please pull over and let car and truck traffic pass. There are many laws about golf carts on our public roads, which are printed in your directory for your convenience that may be new to you. Please read through them carefully if you own a golf cart. Maybe you know of someone who would benefit from reading through these rules –

please share this information with your neighbors. The following is in our directory:

Golf Carts

Many lake property owners enjoy having golf carts. Please realize there are laws in Indiana concerning this that pertain to our public roads around Adams Lake. The following laws are not a complete list and are very abbreviated. For further information please visit the Indiana State Police web site:

*All golf carts (either gas or electric) must display on the back of the vehicle a “slow moving vehicle” sign of the same type required under Indiana law. *You must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle issued by Indiana or any other state on our public roads to drive a golf cart on public roads. For clarification: This means you must be 16 years old to operate a golf cart if you drive it on our public roads around Adams Lake.

*Liability insurance coverage on a golf cart or off road vehicle is required by Indiana law for motor vehicles operated on public roads in the State of Indiana. *The operator of the golf cart must comply with all traffic rules, signs and regulations adopted by the State of Indiana, which govern the operation of the motor vehicles. *No lights? No one can see you or is expecting you to be out on the roads when it starts getting dark. You must have headlights, break lights and turn signals or park your golf cart at dusk. *Drive sober.

Be courteous - pull off the road to let cars and trucks pass you easily. Do not over-load your golf cart with people or objects.

-Rex mentioned that for better water quality to refrain from fertilizers on your lawn. Farm run-off is a major contributor to weeds growing out of control. He mentioned again that we have contributed to help prevent erosion on the North West side of the lake where there is 50- 60 acres of the Bill Meyers Farm (Miller Farms LLC) which just renewed a Crop Reserve Program (CRP) that we contributed $3,000 to 20 years ago. This will go toward the purchase of seed. This year

we contributed $6000.00. He will look into inviting Bill Meyers for an update to a future meeting.

-Rex mentioned that Barb’s husband is having health issues. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family during this time.

-A motion was made to adjourn our meeting by Jim Burns, seconded by Eric Hansen, carried.

Please note that this meeting only lasted 40 minutes, which may be a new record we hope to match in the future!

*Just a reminder: our Boat Parade will be on Labor Day weekend, Sunday, September 3rd at 1 pm. Prizes will be awarded!

*While paying your dues to your director, please give them your updates for your contact information. Also check our current directory to see if we have any typos with your information. We are scheduled to print a new directory in 2018 and want to have the most current accurate information possible. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.

Two ways to meet your neighbors for some fun: Adams Lake Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at The Pub. For more information and book titles please contact Liz Kruger at or 260-854-2633.

Cards at The Pub meets under the leadership of John Lutz each Wednesday night at 7pm. For more information and updates please contact him at or 260-854-9606.

We had some ask after our meeting who their directors were – here’s a list of our very valuable volunteers!

Section A

1 - 15 Dan Heingartner (also 230-237)

16 - 45 James Lewis

Section B

46 - 71 Sue Pranger & Scott Longardner 72 – 84 B Linda Laisure 84 C – 84 O (Could you help us fill this position?

Volunteer by contacting ALCC President, Rex Pranger)

Section C

85 – 98 Keri Jacobs

99A–113C JohnLutz

Section D

114 – 134 Charles Heiny

135 – 142 H

Section E

143 – 156 S

Section F

Linda T aylor Jim Burns & Rosy O’Brian Irene Ueber

157 – 180 B 181 – 205 Tim Moeller 230 – 237 Dan Heingartner (also 1-15)

*Did you know we have a website? Which is maintained by Jeff Fox. There is also a link to our Facebook page there – current count is up to 360 members!

*Our next meeting will be Saturday, July 22nd, at 10 AM on the patio at The Pub. Bring a friend or neighbor to our next meeting who hasn’t attended before!

Thank you, Rosy O’Brian

Go jump in the LAKE!

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