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May 2017 Adams Lake Conservation Club Minutes

Barb Mulholland was unable to attend our meeting and asked Rosy O’Brian to take the minutes for her.

The Adams Lake Conservation Club met on May 28, 2017, at The Pub on the patio. There were 41 members present. President Rex Pranger called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM

Old Business:

According to our new Adams Lake bylaws approved in 2016 we will have an election for our Directors (three year term) and Officers (two year term).

*Elections were held for Directors of Sections A and B. Unopposed and reelected are:

Section A 1-15 Dan Heingartner (also 230-237) 16-45 Jim Lewis

Section B 46 – 71 Sue Pranger

72-84 B Linda Laisure

84 C – 84 O

*Also elected were our Vice President and Secretary. Unopposed and reelected are:

Jim Burns - Vice President Barb Mulholland - Secretary

Thank you to these dedicated members for their past and future work for the betterment of Adams Lake and our Adams Lake Conservation Club!

New Business / Calendar for 2017:

*Our Adams Lake Garage Sale will be Friday and Saturday, June 16 & 17. We will have a lake-wide Adams Lake community Garage Sale. Just set up your sale at your home and our Adams Lake

Conservation Club will put out signs and have an ad in the Kendallville News Sun Newspaper.

*Phil Shirmeyer and Mike Randolph are planning another Bang-Up fireworks display this year. (This is not an Adams Lake Conservation Club activity.) The fireworks will be on Saturday July 1st at dusk. You may support and donate to offset their costs in several different ways: contact them personally, give your donation to your director, or use their Pay-pal account on our Adams Lake Facebook page.

*Our Boat Parade will be on Labor Day weekend, Sunday, September 3rd at 1 pm. Prizes will be awarded! Rosy O’Brian brought up for discussion that we might consider moving the date of our Boat Parade to the Fourth of July weekend instead, in the future. Lots of our seasonal people are busy making efforts to close their cottages up for the season on Labor Day weekend. We will table this until our next meeting.

Winners for the 2016 Boat Parade were: 1st Rex Pranger

2nd Amy Martin 3rd Mike Hackett 4th James Reed 5th Billie Atkinson

*Joe Kraft, Treasurer distributed his report. Checking account balance $17,082.83 Clean Water Fund CD’s $17,495.22 Lawrence Memorial fund $3475.28 Pranger Memorial fund $3,475.28 Total assets as of 05-26-2017 $41,178.66

The DNR’s Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) fund gave us more than we had expected. We received $5000.00 from LARE for spraying Starry Stonewort. Normally the DNR pays 80% and we pay 20%, but because these weeds are so invasive the DNR paid 100%.

On the North West side of the lake there is 50-60 acres of the Bill Meyers Farm (Miller Farms LLC) which just renewed a Crop Reserve Program (CRP) that we contributed $3,000 to 20 years ago. This will go toward the purchase of seed. This year we contributed $6000.00

*Rex informed us that there has already been an early season spray for evasive weeks at Adams Lake. There will be an evaluation / inventory of our weeds this summer. We will again have Scott Banfield at a meeting this year to talk about the different weeds that are in our lake and treatment for them. Part of Scott’s job is to get feedback from the lake’s he sprays.

*We had a report by Doug Sutton about our new “Radarsign”. Doug had handouts with lots of interesting data he has collected from our sign. It really seems to make a difference. The sign is on from 6am to 9pm. There has been over 29,000 passes of the sign. The highest speed recorded was 60 mph! Thank you Doug Sutton for maintaining and moving our “Cop in a Box”! The Radarsign was purchased by the Richard Pranger Memorial Fund. Richard Pranger was Doug’s father-in-law.

*Our annual $40.00 Adams Lake Conservation Club dues are now being collected. Please make your director’s job easier by taking your payment to them! Dues are used to support the general operations of ALCC ($20.00) and provide funding for future lake water quality enhancement projects ($20.00). All extra contributions are welcome!

*While paying your dues to your director, please give them your updates for your contact information. We are scheduled to print a new directory in 2018 and want to have the most current information possible.


*The high water issues are warranted! We have had over 9 inches of rain in May. Piers are under water. Seawalls have been washed over. Waves from your boat traffic can damage! Please be kind to your neighbors and keep your speeds and the wakes from your boats

to a minimum. On the west side there is a cottage that is battling water issues with sandbags and has water inside. This may not be you and your cottage but it is for some of your neighbors. Please think of others.

*It is interesting how area lakes have the DNR place restrictions on the water travel. The Sherriff’s Department forwards the complaints they receive from homeowners. So far, on May 27th, the Sherriff’s Dept. only had one complaint on Adams Lake, from the homeowner aforementioned. The number to call is 463-7491 with your concerns. The number to call is not 911 – this is not an emergency! They will forward their collected information to the DNR. Complaining on Facebook or to your neighbor won’t do anything but let you vent.

*There was a large group of people at our meeting who were interested in changing the speed limit rule we have on Adams Lake: 10 miles per hour before 10am and after 6 pm. There was some discussion about how they felt. Rex said that there were many more people who felt just as strongly, but on the other side of their views. A show of hands for and against the rule was taken, with the way it is winning. This is an issue that if it were to be changed would have to have a vote taken individually by homes - not a meeting where opinions may be hot and the numbers of individuals be sided.

*There was discussion about a Goose Round-Up. A vote was taken with the majority being for this project, with only 4 opposed. Brian May and Charlie Heiny will head a committee to start this project soon. Geese only molt for 4-6 weeks in June and July and our time is limited. They will give us a report at our next meeting.

*A sewer report was brought up. The written sewer reports are given via email. Do we have your email address? Sue Pranger, sewer board member, said everything is going well and is quiet. She also said she would try to have our Sewer Maintenance person come to a meeting this summer.

*The issue of the corner of 500 East and 700 South was brought up. It’s really hard to see when trying to pull out onto 700 South. The

roadside is high and the grass is higher. Rex said this area has been leveled in the past, but it’s been awhile. There is also water running over 500 East, near 700 South, from all the rainfall. This water is not entering Adams, but going to the stream that goes to the dam.

Thank you to all the many people who help in many ways to make our Adams Lake the best!

Our Officers:

Our Directors:

Section A

Rex Pranger, President Jim Burns, Vice President Barb Mulholland, Secretary Joe Kraft, Treasurer

1 - 15 Dan Heingartner (also 230-237)

16 - 45 James Lewis

Section B

46 - 71 Sue Pranger & Scott Longardner 72 – 84 B Linda Laisure 84 C – 84 O (Could you help us fill this position?

Volunteer by contacting ALCC President, Rex Pranger)

Section C

85 – 98 Keri Jacobs

99A–113C JohnLutz

Section D

114 – 134 Charles Heiny

135 – 142 H

Section E

143 – 156 S

Section F

Linda T aylor Jim Burns & Rosy O’Brian Irene Ueber

157 – 180 B 181 – 205 Tim Moeller 230 – 237 Dan Heingartner (also 1-15)

Also thank you to Our Water Stewards:

Mike Taylor, Ron Martin and Wayne Slabaugh


Our web master: Jeff Fox Our e-mail coordinator: Charlie Heiny

Adams Lake Book Club:

Liz Kruger

Cards at the Pub:

John Lutz

Lawn Care at the Landing:

Troy Heingartner


Mark Hageman

Garage Sale:

Larry & Carol Sievert


Phil Jacobs

And last but not least, a big thank you to The Pub for graciously letting us use their patio for our Adams Lake Conservation Club meetings. The Pub also hosts our “Adams Lake Book Club” meetings and “Cards at the Pub”!

*A motion was made to adjourn our meeting by Dan Heingartner, seconded by Irene Ueber, carried.

*As a side note: the Adams Lake sign on the West entrance has been updated and now has the correct information about where our meetings are held. Thank you Phil Jacobs!

*Did you know we have a website? Which is maintained by Jeff Fox. There is also a link to our Facebook page there – at last count there were 335 members!

*Our next meeting will be Saturday, June 24th, at 10 AM on the patio at The Pub. Bring a friend or neighbor to our next meeting who hasn’t attended before!

Thank you, Rosy O’Brian

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