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President REX PRANGER opened the meeting at 10:00 am. Since the minutes are distributed, they were eliminated as a motion to accept. There were 51 present for the meeting.

SCOTT BANFIELD was present to talk about the different weeds that are in our lake, curly leaf pond-weed, starry stone wort and eurasian watermilfoil. He started an early treatment (April) before much action is on the lake and it has been sprayed twice for weed control. LARE grants are a 80-20 grant with our conservation club paying 20% of the cost. This was an unusually dry summer which does not help with the weed control. Algae starts growing like moss on the bottom of the lake. DNR controls what is done for weed control. We will find out in March if and how much our funding will be from a LARE grant.

DOUG NUSBAUM, Lare representative, was not present at the meeting as we had hoped he would be. He is in charge of the sediment and dredging removal and control. A motion was made by Kevin DeKonick to ask Doug Nusbaum to meet with the directors of our lake conservation club which was amended by Jerry Gump that after their meeting, we meet as a group. This was seconded by Rosy O'Brian and carried. Rex asked for a list of questions for Doug.

CRP program which pays farmers to not farm, is a program that we have contributed to in the past twenty years to Bill Meyers who manages a 50 acre farm that drains into the west side of the lake. We have been contributing $3,000. toward the fund which costs $10,000. for them to plant the seed etc. A motion was made by Charlie Heiny to continue the support and negotiate the cost, seconded by Mike Taylor and carried.

RAISING THE LEVEL OF THE LAKE was discussed. The DNR regulates this and the level is established by the circuit courts which established the level in 1952. Its is an uphill battle to raise the level. If our dam is a problem we can correct the issue. DNR monitors the damn for visual erosion from water pouring over in the past number of years.

TREASURER JOE KRAFT reported a balance of $9,665.00 in our checking account. Joe distributes a complete treasurer's report at each meeting.

PHIL SHERMEYER and MIKE RANDOLPH thanked the residents for their donations to the fire works. They are already planning for next year so we can count on seeing our fireworks display from our homes again. We thank Phil and Mike for such a wonderful and professional fireworks program.

Don't forget the BOAT FLOATILLA Sep 4, at 1:00 pm. Meet at the boat launch. There are lots of prizes to be given including $100.00 for first prize. Don't forget to display your cottage number on your entry as that is how the judges determine the winners.

DOUG SUTTON – SPEED SIGNS. Doug has presented his findings on a Titan TC-400 Radar Speed Sign. The cost is $2,900 and extra brackets are $50.00 each, without shipping costs. We talked about this at the July meeting. A motion was made by Sue Pranger that we purchase the speed sign with extra brackets so it can be moved around the lake and that we pay for this from the Pranger Memorial fund. Her motion was seconded by Charlie Heiny and unanimously carried. Thank you Doug for all of your research on this matter.

The DIRECTORS are in charge of adopting the by-laws with one change, WR will now be 550E-Eve Lake. This motion of change was made by Rosy O'Brian, seconded by Irene Euber and carried. The adoption of the by-laws is the first step in incorporation.

Rex will have the SIGN on the west side meeting place changed. He will contact PHIL JACOBS as it still reads that we meet at the boat launch.

It was mentioned that the HANSEN family have an Adams Lake flag that was made by Sturgis Print shop. Contact the Eric Hansen’s that live on the west side for more information.

Road improvements concerns should be addressed to our county commissioner LARRY MILLER who is in charge of the Hi-way department. They are planning to do some repairs on Woodruff Road.

RON MARTIN announced the sewer system now has a VENT/ALARM which is installed on your candy cane. If the light stays on longer than 4 seconds, there is a problem and you should call sewer maintenance at 260-350-3139.

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD by Colson Whitehead is the book selected for this months book club. It is 320 pages. Liz Kruger is the person to contact if you plan to attend or would like more information. The book club meets the 3rd Wednesday at the Pub. Liz's number is 854-2633 or email her at

CARDS each Wednesday at the Pub, euchre and bridge. Contact Dr John Lutz at 854-9606 or

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This newsletter is sponsored by Jan and Ken Brookhart. Jan and Ken purchased their home on the West side of Adams Lake Jul, 2012 from Dick and Edna North, with plans to enjoy it as a summer retreat until retirement in a few years. Their family enjoys swimming, wake boarding, jet skiing, fishing and just “lake life” in general. Jan and Ken both grew up on lakes, Jan on Shriner in Whitley County and Ken on Crooked Lake in Steuben County. They want their children and grandchildren to experience lake life as they had the opportunity to and they love the Adams Lake Community and their Adams Lake beach shack.

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