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The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Rex Pranger. The minutes were sent by email and there was no correction to the minutes so they were accepted as sent.

The treasurer Joe Kraft distributed copies of the TREASURER'S report. The high lights of the report are: Farmers State Bank Checking as of June 25, 2016 was $11,653.02. Interest earned .11 cents, cottage owners dues collected $4,745.00, cost of copies of financial report $18.90, yard sale advertising expense $38.00, T&H yard services $50.00, Nipsco for light at landing $11.54, balance in checking on July 22, 2016 $16,279.69. Checking account owes Clean Water Fund $2,944.00.

Aprx bal two Clean Water fund CD's $22,075.13, Aprx bal in Lawrence Memorial fund CD $3,373.66, Aprx bal in Richard Pranger Memorial fund CD $6,612.73.

Joe reported that one carp tail has been turned in.

Scott Banfield, biologist that we hire for weed control will be attending our AUGUST MEETING Doug Nusbaum will also be attending the August meeting, all considering no emergencies arising. Doug will talk about future LARE projects and water level. A discussion on grass carp was held. Rex talked to Doug and he said that it would work on a small pond but our lake is too large for this project to work. Dredging of the channels can be discussed with Doug at this meeting.

Thanks to Phil Shermeyer and Mike Randolph, we all enjoyed a beautiful display of FIREWORKS. Phil and Doug do a great job of picking out the fireworks. They received a big hand of applause. Thank you Phil and Doug.

Start now to think of ideas to decorate your water toys for our upcoming FLOATILLA which will be held on Sunday, Sept 4 at 1:00 pm. $200.00 in prize money will be awarded winners plus there are other prizes as well.

BY-LAWS were discussed. Jim Burns is the chairman of this committee. Call Jim if you have any questions and be prepared to vote on them at the August meeting,

GOOSE ROUND-UP was discussed for next year. The geese have a molting period of 4-6 weeks-when they cannot fly and they are either on the water or in yards. Oiling the eggs is by far the best goose control but it is difficult to find the nests. The minimum cost for a permit for a goose round up is $600.00.

Doug Sutton asked about the possibility of purchasing FLASHING SPEED SIGNS (like the ones used in South Milford). The cost is approximately $3,700. to $4,000. for one sign. Discussion was held about using some of the money in our two memorial funds to purchase one with the equipment that is needed to change the location of the signs so that everyone living at the lake will benefit. Rex will check the regulations on the memorial funds usage.

It was decided to change the wording of the Woodruff Rd WR in the directory to 550E.

The Sewer District is entertaining applications for a MAINTENANCE PERSON as Ron Martin will be retiring. The pay is $24,000. annually or $2,000. monthly. The buildings must be checked every day. If you have an interest in this position, please contact Jim Laur, Phil Jacobs or President Sue Pranger for details.

Kerri Jacobs and daughter have printed ADAMS LAKE TEE SHIRTS for sale. There are two kinds of anchors selected to choose from and plain or glitter printing. Please contact the Jacobs if you are interested. Orders are due by August 14.

BOOK CLUB meets 3rd Wednesday at the PUB. The book chosen for August is “The Summer Before the War” by Helen Simonson. Contact Liz Kruger for more information at or 854-2633.

CARDS each Wednesday at the Pub. Euchre and Bridge. Contact Dr John Lutz for more information at or 854-9606.

KEVIN AND RENE West have sold their home and will be leaving us for Branson, Missouri at the end of August. We thank them for supporting our Conservation Club for many years and Kevin for his involvement in organizing past goose-round ups. You will be missed.

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