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Since everyone present had received the MINUTES for the May meeting

and there were no corrections, they were dispensed with.

TREASURER Joe Kraft handed out copies of his treasurer's report and

asked for any questions, since there were none, the report was motioned

for acceptance by Rosy O'Brien and seconded by Scott Longardner and


The TESTING OF THE WATER was discussed. The water quality of our

lake is the Conservation Clubs biggest expense. The DNR gives grants

which, thanks to our President Rex Pranger, we have been able to secure

75% of the expense. The DNR will allow permits for dredging of silt

removal but will not fund the project. Rex will check with Doug Nusbaum

to see if his schedule will allow him to attend one of our last meetings. The

DNR is aware of the crack in the damn which is their expense as it is

owned by the state. David Nance is in charge of the repairs and he says it

is ok for now and will check on it from time to time. GRASS CARP was

brought up as a possible solution to our weed problem and also mussels

but DNR says it will not work on such a large body of water as Adams Lake

and they take out the good weeds as well as the bad. It takes a permit to

do this and it was doubtful that DNR would allow this. Scott Bansfield,

Biologist, usually attends one of our meetings as he is the one that we hire

for our weed spraying.

About half of the directors have turned in DUES MONEY. If your director

has not been around to collect, why not save him/her the trip and pay at

their home. This is a big job and the directors do a wonderful job of

collecting the dues but if we can make it a bit easier for them, please let us

do so. We have new DIRECTORIES this year which the conservation

club had to pay for. The company that prints the directory refused to print

advertisements as they had too much trouble collecting the money for the

ads. The dues is $40.00 per household. Rosy O'Brien received a big

round of applause for her contributions in preparing the directory. There is

much more information printed in this directory and our residents should

have no questions as to whom their director is, boat regulations and more.

The placing of the BUOYS around the sand bar was discussed. Rex

stated that they are set in the same place each year and are found by a

gps and the forms stay in the lake year round. Thanks to Mark Hageman

for doing such a fine job of getting them out and they were out very early

this year due to the early spring.

THE BOAT PARADE will be held as usual, the Sunday before Labor Day,

Sept 4 at 1:00. Plan now to decorate your pontoon, boat, paddle boat,

wave runner or other as the prizes are: $75.00 first, $50.00 second and

three prizes each $25.00. The Club pays $200.00 each year for the prizes.

Mike Taylor says he is going to win but lets give him competition. Meet at

the boat launch after 12:30. If you would like to add any extra prizes for the

parade contact Mike Taylor and he will pick them up.

If you would like to contribute to the FIREWORKS fund you can give your

money to your director or directly to Mike Randolph or Phil Shirmeyer. I

think all will agree, our fireworks are second to none. Mike and Phil do a

great job of entertaining us with their fireworks which will be set off on

SATURDAY night July 2.

The SIGN at the West end of the lake still says that we are meeting at

the landing. Rex said he would talk to Phil Jacobs and get that changed.

A special thanks to Ken and Marjean Hormann for taking care of the

advertising of our GARAGE SALES. Reports were that it was very

successful as everyone did exceptionally well, lots of customers and 33

garage sales. Ken and Marjean will be leaving us as they have sold their

home and moving to New Haven. They will be missed.

Don't forget the carp contest, there are quite a few out there. Turn in the

tails to Joe Kraft at Cottage 109.

We did not have a SPONSOR for our May newsletter nor for the June

newsletter. We do have one for August. If you are interested in

sponsoring the July newsletter please let one of the officers know. The

cost is $50.00.

Barb Mulholland asked about having a FOR SALE & WANTED section in

our newsletter. We talked about charging $5.00 for 1 to 5 items for sale or

wanted to buy. No clothing. She made the motion which was seconded by

Ed Bradley and carried. If you are interested in advertising your items

please contact Barb at 854-4311 or Cottage 41.

BY-LAWS were brought up and it was suggested that Jim Burns, who is

chairman, set a meeting of the directors to refine what we sent out last

year as that is the first step in becoming incorporated.

LOOSE DOGS is a problem in some areas around the lake. If you have

a pet, please keep them controlled. Some large dogs are scary even if

they are not mean.

BOOK CLUB meets 3 rd Wednesday of each month contact Liz Kruger at

854-2633 or CARDS each Wednesday contact

John Lutz 854-9606 or both meeting at the Pub.

A special thanks to ROSY O'BRIEN for taking the minutes last month as

I was unable to attend.

Thank you Rosy.

Barb Mulholland, Secretary

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