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August, 2015


The Adams Lake Conservation Club met AUGUST 22, 2015, at the Pub Patio. President Rex Pranger called the meeting to order at 10:00 a. m. Since we send the MINUTES by email and post them on our web site and face book, the reading of the minutes was dispensed with. Rex asked for any corrections, since there were none, the minutes were accepted as sent. Jeff Fox manages our WEBSITE, Our Adams Jeff will also be posting the monthly sewer report and Joe Kraft's treasurer's report along with the minutes. Joe Kraft, Treasurer distributed copies of the TREASURER'S REPORT and jokingly stated, “I balanced this month”. We knew you would Joe.

SCOTT BANFIELD, BIOLOGIST, was hired by the Adams Lake Conservation Club to monitor and control the weeds in our lake. He gave a report on the eurasion mil-foil treatment. We had about 25 acres of mil-foil, mostly in front of the lake access. He is using a new herbicide to treat the Eurasian mil-foil which has been successful in other lakes. He suggested that we start treating the weeds in early April next year, instead of waiting until May or June. This will also help control curly leaf pond weed as well. The algae chara is invasive. Stary Stonewart grows aggressively and is hard to see. We have about two to four acres of this. Scott's full report can be found on line on the LARE website.

Dave Arington was hired by the LaGrange County Lakes Association to do WATER QUALITY TESTING of the lakes. They pay for one test and Dave will do more tests for a fee of $50.00 each. He recommends testing in early spring – April and May. The ecoli count is very low -100- which means we have almost no ecoli in Adams Lake. The acceptable level is 235. Dan Heingardner made a motion to have Dave Arrington test our lake waters in April and May, this motion was seconded by Terry Shuster and carried. The data from the tests will be posted on our website.

Mike Taylor stated that he is excited about the FILTER STRIPS as it can stop 40 to 90% of sediment and also stop the phosphorous from entering our lake. Joe Kraft is still doing the seci disk testing of the water.

The LAGRANGE COUNTY LAKES ASSOCIATION has asked for a representative from Adams Lake to be our communication link. Mike Taylor has agreed to represent Adams Lake. (thank you Mike)

Carolyn Moeller, Chairman of the FLOATILLA, reminded everyone that 1st prize is $100., 2nd prize $50. with 3 - 3rd prizes of $25.00. There will be more prizes as well. Matt Moeller is donating several Adams Lake t-shirts. The money comes from the Conservation Club. If you would like to be a judge, come to the Boat Launch before 1:00 pm Sunday of Labor Day weekend, that is when the parade begins. The rain date is Monday, Labor Day.

Phil Jacobs has updated two SIGNS to Adams Lake. Mike Taylor motioned with Walt Halley seconding, to have Phil redo the sign at the west side of the lake. Motion carried.

Mark Hageman installs the BUOYS in the spring and removes them after Labor Day. Two of the buoys have been damaged. A deck boat was seen running over one of the buoys and kids throwing rocks at them have been reported. PLEASE, try not to damage these buoys as each one costs $350. to $400. to replace and these fee's are paid by YOUR Conservation Club treasury. These buoys are installed for YOUR SAFETY on the water. Thank you Mark, you are appreciated.

Attention was made about the BUCKET AND SHOVEL which is chained to the hitching post at the boat landing with a sign asking that people clean up after their animals. It is reported as working.

GOOSE ROUND-UP was discussed. Dan Heingardner motioned that Mike Taylor and Brian May do the paper work for a goose round up in case we decide to go ahead with this project in the spring. This was 2nd by Mike Taylor. (Brian and Mike had previously agreed to this).

NEW DIRECTORIES will be printed next spring. Please check your directory by Jan. 1, 2016 and let Rex Pranger or Rosy O'Brian know if any changes need be made. If you are new to the lake this year, there is a form on our website to fill out and email to Rex or Rosy or you may simply give the information to your director.

BOOK CLUB meets the 3rd Wednesday at the Pub at 7:00. Next meeting Sept. 16th. Please contact Liz Kruger at krugerliz716@yahoo if you plan to attend. Liz writes: We had a nice dinner and disscussion about "Go Set a Watchman" last Wednesday. Although some found the narrative a little disjointed, we found it to be an interesting twist to "To Kill a Mockingbird". The issues were still quite timely and prompted discussion on the matters of race and the south ... and the discrimination that we were seemingly unaware of and which when we looked closely, were found in the north as well.

We chose a different type of book for next month, "The Murderer's Daughter" by Jonathan Kellerman. It is described as a psychological thriller.

BRIDGE & EUCHRE each Wednesday at the Pub at 7:00. Contact Dr John Lutz at

A friendly reminder that the TRAFFIC FLOW around the lake is COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

Barb Mulholland, Secretary

I would like to make a comment on the support of our neighbors. This summer brought a lot of wind and rain to the lake. While waiting for our new pontoon shore station to arrive, we temporarily installed our buoys to our pontoon. The wind however, did not let them stay in place. When I noticed they were gone I went on a hunting spree. My neighbor Doug Sutton rescued them. I came home one Saturday from a DAR meeting and found our paddle boat and canoe on our pier. They were saved by our neighbor Bob Closson as the water was above the shore station and canoe stand and they floated away. The next morning the canoe was missing as it was blown off the pier. Since Doug found the buoys, we asked if he had seen our canoe. He got out his binoculars and spotted it as Tom Stone had rescued it from the waters. My neighbor Kim Warrick took us to Tom's place in her golf cart and she and I rowed the canoe home. Tom you were not at home at the time, but we thank you for saving our canoe. NOW I can maybe pay back someone. I have found a blue and white O'Brien life jacket that has floated our way and also a yellow floating strip (don't know what they are called). If they belong to you they may be picked up at cottage 41 (5250E 580S).

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