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July, 2015


The meeting was called to order by VICE-PRESIDENT JIM BURNS at 10:00 am, at the Pub Patio. There were 31 members present. The previous MINUTES was read by Secretary Barb Mulholland, motioned for approval by Charlie Heiny, seconded by Rosy O’Brian and approved. The TREASURE’S written report was distributed by Treasurer Joe Kraft and is included in these minutes. Balance in checking $8,586.45 (this includes $1,150 owed to clean water fund). Approx balance in Clean Water Fund $16,849.45, Approx balance Lawrence Memorial 3,370.58, Approx balance Pranger Memorial 6,606.29. Total assets as of July 31 are 35,412.77. Total assets on July 26, 2013 were 40,551.00. The treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit.

Note: No one has stepped forward to make restitution for damage to any one of the three lighted buoys. Joe Kraft reminded everyone that the Conservation Club has a TAX FREE NUMBER for anyone to use that purchases items for the club.

JIM LAUR was present and gave a report on the status of our sewer project. He announced that a contractor had drilled through a main sewer line but service was never interrupted. He stated that the cost to repair a pump was $9,800., and the cost for a new pump is $5,600. Plans are to replace all pumps and have one in reserve. The vacuum pumps are nearly 25 years old and will need to be replaced next. IDEM has jurisdiction of the sewer system. For emergency sewage repair call 260-350-3139. We own one generator. To purchase one with installation the cost would be $35,000. Jim asked that if you hear air coming through you sewer system to give the sewer maintenance a call.

Starting Oct 1, 2014 Ron Martin will be the new sewage maintenance person replacing Ed Bradley.

PHIL SHIRMEYER AND MIKE RANDOLPH were thanked for the wonderful fireworks display on the 5th of July. They received donations of $1,290. The cost of the fireworks was nearly $4,000. Phil said the fireworks are a tribute to the many men and women who have lost their lives giving us the freedoms that we experience today, to be able to celebrate our independence with the fireworks. Donations may be given to your director and other places may be available in the near future. 2014’s display was one of the finest that I have ever experienced and I always watch fireworks on the 4th somewhere and it is such a pleasure to watch them from my own home and not have to fight traffic. Again, much gratitude to the Shirmeyer’s and Randolph’s.

Joe Kraft suggested that we ask a county commissioner to be present at our next meeting. The POOR CONDITION OF OUR ROADS needs to be discussed. We have four different trash companies that travel our roads with their large heavy trucks and this takes a toll on our roads. Charlie Heiny suggested that we have a plan and ask the commissioners to consider repair of our roads. We do have many year round resident’s that vote in this county. This was made a motion by Joe Kraft and seconded by Charlie Heiny and motion carried.

Rick Mink asked how to control the ZEBRA MUSSEL population. It was mentioned that RED EARS are also a problem. Discussion was held but no solutions were resolved for this problem.

Jim Burns announced the LARE weed spray project is complete. SCOT BANFIELD Aquatec Enhancement sprayed two more acres for EURSIAN MILFOIL AND CURLY LEAF POND WEED. It was stated that coon tail is really good for the lake. We will have a balance of $1,000. in our fund after paying our share of weed spraying. If you are interested in having Scott spray in front of your cottage next spring you will need to call him early as DNR sets his schedule. His number is 260-665-8226.

Mike & Linda Taylor reported on the TESTING OF THE WATER. Mike stated the stewards, Mike, Wayne Slabaugh and Ron Martin will start testing next year in April.

The LaGrange County Lakes Council has a job opening in the office. If interested notify Starry Stonewear 499-5253. The office is in the town of LaGrange.

A discussion was held about control of the SEDIMENT at the inlet by the channel by the boat launch. A solution mentioned was a holding pond to catch the sediment before it enters the channel and the lake. If this is determined to be helpful a LARE grant will fund 75% to our 25%. It was stated that it was doubtful that the dredging project did any good to stop the sediment.

GOOSE ROUND-UP: If we want to have a goose round-up in 2015 we will need a volunteer to head this project. A permit will need to be submitted early. Kevin West can supply the rules and permit form information. If you are interested in chairing this project, please contact Rex Pranger or Kevin West. HUNTERS, FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Canada Geese hunting season statewide is Sept. 1st through 15. There is a 15 bird possession limit.

CAROLYN MOELLER will chair the 2014 FLOATILLA (boat parade) which will be held at 1:00, August 31. Plan now to decorate your pontoon, boat, canoe, kayak or whatever you possess that floats on water. Prizes will remain the same and there are many. Linda & Mike Taylor have collected prizes by themselves for several years and this year Carolyn stepped forward to help as the Taylors will be out of town that weekend. Thank you Carolyn for your support of this very popular event. The Conservation Club gives cash prizes, 1st place is $100.00.

I talked with Rex Pranger and he agreed that we may need to have a DIRECTORS MEETING and he said just schedule it. In asking at the Conservation Club meeting on Saturday the directors suggested that we have the meeting on Saturday, Aug 2, at 9:00 am at the Pub Patio. In case of rain I offer my home

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bruce Hippensteel, secondeded by Susie Franks.

Irene Euber sent me information of the untimely death of a Conservation Club member Phil Renz, cottage 169A. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Mary and his family from the Conservation Club.

Don’t forget CARDS both euchre and bridge each Wednesday night at 7:00 at the Pub. For more information contact Dr John Lutz at or 854-9606 and BOOK CLUB on the 3rd Wednesday also at 7:00 at the Pub, contact Liz Kruger or 854-2633. They have chosen Frog Music by Emma Donoghue as the book for August.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Mulholland, Secretary

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