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June, 2015



The Adams Lake Conservation Club met Saturday, June 27, 2015 in the garage of Rex & Susan Pranger, due to the weather conditions. There were still 19 people in attendance, great support.

President Rex Pranger opened the meeting a few minutes after 10:00, after shuffling everyone from the Pub to his garage.

Due to time restraints as Joe Kraft, Treasurer wished to leave early to check his home in Fort Wayne because of the down pour of rain, the treasurers report was first on the agenda. The balance in checking is $10,678.50 which includes $2,170 owed to the Clean Water Fund. Approximate balance in Clean Water, not including the $2,170 is $16,856.07. Approximate balance in Lawrence Memorial Fund $3,371.84 and approximate balance in the Richard Pranger Memorial Fund $6,608.81. Joe noted that a bill is pending with Aquatic Enhancement for early spraying of 22 acres for eurasian water milfoil and curly leaf pond weed. The bill is for $8,840. of which our share is 20% or 1,760. The balance $7,020. or 80%, will come to us from the LARE Funds when we receive the grant. A full treasurers report was distributed to those present. Joe also noted that this time last year we had no money and this year we have several thousands to begin the year.

Since the minutes were emailed to all members with an email address, Rex read the high lights of the minutes. One correction was made and that was coon tail is a good weed and it was listed as a bad weed.

Rob Kruger was to attend the meeting and explain incorporating and the by-laws for our club but due to the unpleasant weather conditions, he canceled and will attend at a later date. We have received a few suggested changes in the by-laws and these will receive their due consideration. Rex asked if anyone had concerns about the by-laws to contact him or Jim Burns, Chairman.

Carolyn Moeller sponsored the first meeting in May, Kelly's Furniture will sponsor June and Jim Burns will sponsor the July newsletter. If anyone would like to sponsor August, please contact me.

Barb Mulholland presented a program to the LaGrange County Lakes Council on Thursday June 25. I asked about the water steward program as our lake stewards stated that they have never received a report on their testings. Lakes Council President Bob Hedges stated that they were not sent out but posted on their web site. Their web site domain name expired June, 26, 2015 and the Lakes Council is looking for someone to update and maintain their web site. I could not find Adams Lakes web site to list their address. The testing program has changed and the Lakes Council has contracted with Dave Arrington, SNRT, Inc, a private contractor to test the lakes of the Council members, twice a year. If the lake organizations want more testing it will be up to them to pay for the additional testings. Jim Burns stated that we should never give up our own testing of the water, which seemed to be in agreement with most of those present.

Discussion was held on the horse manure which may be entering our lake by the channel. Rex stated that it is the hundreds of animals up stream that are the main concern. Jim Burns made a motion that we have Phil Jacobs make a sign to install by the hitching post and ask that the manure be picked up in the same manner that you take care of your dogs waste. The sign or signs to be limited to $100.00 each, seconded by Mike Taylor and carried. Mike will take care of ordering the sign or signs.

Rex asked for the directors to let him know how many copies of the newsletter they will need for those in their section that do not have email addresses.

The fireworks will be held on Saturday, the 4th and will be handled again this year by Mike Randolph and Phil Shirmeyer. Those wishing to donate to the cause may do so by contacting either of these gentlemen, Jim Neu or your director. Donations are appreciated. Rex reminded everyone to respect their neighbors when shooting fireworks.

Jim Burns and Mike Taylor asked about the filter strip law which is a state law where the government pays farmers for a 40 X 500 ft strip and they receive a tax credit as they are sacrificing an acre or two of crops. Farm land has the most run off into our lakes from animals, fertilizer and soils.

Anne Reed announced that her parents, the Walter Dunne's, cottage 144-C, 4645 E 640 will be listing their home for sale.

Ron Martin announced an open house will be held Saturday the 4th of July from 10:00 to 12:00 for those that wish to see the inside of the sewer complex. It will be at the Station across from the boat launch and channel.

A REMINDER: PLEASE DO NOT RAKE LEAVES AND GRASS CLIPPINGS INTO THE LAKE. There is a compost facility in LaGrange where you can take these items and it turns them into compost. You can also get compost from this facility.

About 30 families held garage sales this year. The traffic was compounded on 640 because of the Kropp auction. It was suggested that next year, those holding garage sales open on Thursday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 for those that are also having garage sales as they are unable to shop. It would not be advertised and would only be open to those having garage sales. I guess you would have to take turns shopping so someone would be at your garage sale at all times.

Rosy O'Brian is now helping Director Jim Burns with Section E.

The meeting was motioned for adjournment at 11:00 by Jim Burns, seconded by Rosy O'Brian.

Book Club meets the 3rd Wednesday at the Pub at 7:00. The book for next month is Harper Lee, (who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird), her new book entitled “Go Set a Watchman”, due to be released July 14. Please contact Liz Kruger if you plan to attend,

Cards at the Pub each Wednesday at 7:00, bridge & eucher, contact Dr John Lutz,

Barb Mulholland, Secretary

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