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May, 2015


The Conservation Club has accepted Carolyn Moeller's suggestion that we have a sponsor for each of our newsletters. The fee is $50.00 and is available to anyone that lives on Adams Lake that has a business. Carolyn has paid our treasury and is the first sponsor of our newsletter. If you live at Adams Lake and would like to promote your business, we have the three upcoming months available. Please contact Barb Mulholland at or 854-4311.

THIS NEWSLETTER IS SPONSORED BY CAROLYN MOELLER (REALTOR) NEEDHAM & HEFFERMAN PROPERTIES LLC. Carolyn is a homeowner at Adams Lake and lives on the west side. Her phone is 260-450-1027

The meeting was called to order by PRESIDENT REX PRANGER at 10:00 am at the Adams Lake Pub Patio. 43 members signed the attendance sheet. Rex welcomed everyone.

The MINUTES were read by Rex Pranger. There were no objections to the minutes and they were motioned for approval by Jim Burns, 2nd by Rosy O'Brian and carried.

The TREASURERS report was distributed by Joe Kraft, a copy attached to these minutes. Jerry Gump motioned for approval, 2nd by Jim Burns and carried. We gained $6,000. last year but we have upcoming bills for weed spraying etc.

The vice-president and secretary positions were up for ELECTION this year. Jim Burns is vice-president and Barb Mulholland is secretary. Rex asked for nominations from the floor. Rosy O'Brian was nominated by Jim Burns but declined. Jerry Gump motioned the two present people in those positions be retained, 2nd by Joe Kraft and carried.

The BY-LAWS were discussed. Jim Burns chaired the committee which was made up of mostly directors and officers. The by-laws were based on Oliver Lakes set of by-laws. They will be sent to all members with email addresses and anyone that does not have a computer may ask for a paper copy. Please read these over and be prepared to vote on them at the June meeting.

Directors are asked to obtain current EMAIL ADDRESSES from the residents in their area and to keep a list of those that do NOT have emails so that Rex will know how many copies of the minutes/Newsletter to have printed.

Terry Schuster introduced himself as a NEW RESIDENT to our lake. Terry & Gale have the cottage at 5030E 580S. Welcome Terry, it is great to have you in attendance.

The DUES for 2015 was discussed. Jim Burns suggested that we reduce the amount from 40.00 to possibly 30.00. A vote was taken and the majority felt we should keep it the same as we want to make sure there is money in the treasury for weed control or anything else that may be considered beneficial to the clarity of our lake as a portion of our dues goes to the water quality fund.

Rex has applied for and received LARE monies for 2015 but we do not know from season to season if LARE monies will be available. The monies for 2015 will be used for Eurasian Milfoil and Coontail control. The grants are 80/20, LARE will spend $14,000 and our Conservation Club will pay the 4,000 for a total cost of $18,000.

Rex also announced that Scott Banfield will be giving a report on this summer’s activities on WEED CONTROL. There was found the weed starry stonewort, one plant but it was of concern as it spreads very rapidly and chokes out other vegetation worse than Eurasion Milfoil. A report on how we compare with other lakes is due and will be emailed to members.

Our WATER STEWARDS report that they tested the water monthly last year with no result report from the county.

Adams Lake GARAGE SALES will be June 19th and 20th. We had about 30 or more participants last year. We will put out signs and have an ad in the Kendallville News Sun.

Phil Shirmeyer and Mike Randolph are planning a 4th of July FIREWORKS display again this year. If you would like to donate toward this project you may check with Phil or Mike or your director. Donations will be appreciated. They have quite an extensive display and we don't have to leave our homes to watch.

Carolyn Moeller has agreed to chair the FLOATILLA again this year. If you can help gather prizes, judge or any other area that Carolyn may need help with, please contact Carolyn. The Club will give $100.00 1st place, $50.00 2nd place and $50.00 3rd place winners with many prizes to the remainder of the participants. Discussion was held on the amount of money for the floatilla with Chuck Courtney making a motion that we leave it at $200.00 with Mike Taylor 2nd ing and motion carried.

Jeff Miller, representing the cottage owners on the CHANNEL, asked about what can be done about the silt that gathers on the channel. Rex stated that dipping it out again is the only thing he can think of that might help. Mike Taylor asked about filtering the inlet before the silt gets in the lake. Rex said there is a very involved program that the state has forms for, which involves filter strips for farmers.

Carolyn Moeller announced that her son Matt has BONE FISH T-SHIRTS at $15.00 and Lake Design SWEATSHIRTS for $35.00 for sale. He also has a variety of sizes of last years t-shirt at $10.00. To order, contact Matt at 348–8031. He lives at 5935S 455E on the west side of Adams Lake. He is planning to reorder so call him soon.

The CARP CONTEST will be held again this year so keep fishing. The tails should be turned in to Jim Lewis or Joe Kraft.

A special thanks to MARK HAGEMAN for installing the BUOYS again this year. Your involvement with this project is very much appreciated. THANK YOU.

Rex announced the passing of long time cottage owner MARILYN HART. She had the oldest cottage on the lake. Also, LARRY DODANE who was a long time resident. Our deepest condolence to these families.

Ron Martin announced the SEWER DISTRICT phone number is the same. Magnets will be mailed next year. New pumps (6) have been replaced with one spare. July 4th will be an open house at Station B from 10:00 – 12:00 for those that may be interested in the inside of a pump station.

The Adams Lake BOOK CLUB meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Pub at 6:30. Next month’s book is "All the Light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr. This is a Puliter Prize winner. Please contact Elizabeth Kruger if you plan to attend

CARDS at the pub at 7:00 each Wednesday. Bridge and eucher. Contact John Lutz at


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