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                               SEWER DISTRICT BOARD

Jim Lauer
Phil Jacobs
Sue Pranger
Billing Clerk

Linda Kiester

P.O. Box 430 

Roanoke, IN 46783


Sewer Maintenance

Eric Jordan


Sewer District Minutes

March 2018 Sewer District Minutes


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December 2017 Sewer District Minutes

December 7 2017

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October 2017 Sewer District Minutes

October 26 2017

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Sanitary Sewer Connection Application


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Sewer Disconnection Permit

March 2017

ADAMS LAKE REGIONAL SEWER DISTRICT GUIDELINES FOR CONTRACTORSThe following items are intended for guiding you and your staff through the next phase of connections with fewer problems for the homeowner, the sewer district and yourselves:Please DO NOT:

  • Dig within 4 feet of the vacuum valve pit with power equipment
  • Use the vacuum pits or sewer system piping to dispose of unapproved waste
  • Allow backfill material into the vacuum valve pit or piping
  • Leave the vacuum valve pit or piping that you know is damaged without informing the Sewer District Inspector at 260-350-3139

Please DO:

  • Check the connections prior to backfilling
  • Obtain the proper permit prior to starting ANY connection work
  • Inform the Sewer District of any potential safety or operating problems you encounter during the connection process
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